Amateur Radio Society of Northwest Australia

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VK6RSX Beacons 

Although License is held by the West Australian VHF Group  Located in Dampier are 2 Beacons.

6m - 50.304Mhz

2m - 144.576Mhz 



UHF CB repeater at Cape Lambert. The repeater is located at the KP5 Robe River Mining Comms Site Just north of the Wickham town site. 

More details from the ACMA can be found here.

"The old Philips UHF CB repeater was changed out to a more modern MX800 in about 2008 by Rio Tinto. They also asked if they could take over the licence. Which they did.

It is on the new KP5 tower at Cape Lambert with a new folded dipole and new coax run. Last time I had a listen to it about a year ago, it was sounding rather sick." (Steve VK6HV)


ARPS in the Pilbara Region

Paraburdoo has it's iGATE back up and running. Matthew VK6MRG has moved back to Paraburdoo and has reinstated the APRS iGATE for the area. In the coming months the Paraburdoo weather station will be back up and running also. Check HERE for details and here for the APRS.FI page for the current weather. Please contact VK6MRG if you find any errors and I'll do my best to get it sorted.